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SQL DBA Online Training and Certification Course In Hyderabad

Every other company relies on Database for carrying out its daily operations and storing essential data. This led to an increased demand for SQL Database Administrators. If you are looking to escalate your knowledge and gain the skills companies look for in the aspirants, the Adiverse Tech is here with SQL DBA Course in Hyderabad.

During Course, you will learn every aspect of the Database, ranging from theory to design to management to administration. To let you excel in the future, our expert instructors also make you work on real-time projects and do practically. You will also gain the SQL Certification at the end of the course after giving an exam.

Master the SQL concepts and stand apart from others.

The following aspirants can enroll in the course and start learning:

  • Freshers
  • Graduates
  • Software Developers
  • PHP Developers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Programmers
  • IT Professionals
  • Those who want to learn SQL
  • Salespeople
  • Project Managers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Big Data and Hadoop Professionals
  • SQL and Database Administrators
  • Learn the architecture of SQL in detail
  • Understand the relation between client and server
  • Know about different database types, functions, operators, etc. for designing the relational database systems
  • Learn to change the data using views, T-SQL and other stored procedures
  • Know in-depth about triggers and how to create them
  • Learn to use records for grouping, indexing, sorting, updating and searching data
  • Effectively backup and restore the databases
  • Learn to optimize the Database and manage it effectively according to company requirements

Mode of Training

AdiverseTech offers two modes of training, namely Online and Offline. In online mode, an instructor teaches you all the concepts via presentations and clarifies your doubts simultaneously. In offline mode, the instructor teaches you one to one on weekdays and weekends. According to your comfort and schedule, you can join any method, and we promise to teach you in the best way.

Once you become well versed with all the concepts and gain the certification, you can work on following job roles:

  • SQL Expert
  • SQL Database Administrator
  • SQL Developer
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • SQL Database Analyst

You can work at both the junior and senior positions according to your skill set in different companies. Along with training, we also train you for job interviews, so you lag nowhere.

Do you give a certification?

Yes, once you complete the Training, then you have to give an exam. If you got the required marks, then a certificate is awarded to you.

Do you guarantee placements?

No, we don’t, but along with SQL DBA Training in Hyderabad, we prepare you for the job by giving you knowledge about personality development, spoken English, and interview preparation.

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