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Salesforce Online training and certification in Hyderabad

Adiverse Tech offers Salesforce training in Hyderabad. This course enables you to clear the certification exam and land a prestigious job in MNC's around. The course outlines focus on making your learn and implement the concepts to become an app builder or salesforce administrator.

During the training, our expert qualified instructors will teach you how to use and configure Salesforce to collect and analyze the information related to customers and create relevant applications. Another benefit of enrolling in this training course is that even if you don't hail from the technical background, you can also undergo training and boost your skillset to jumpstart your career journey.

To let you enroll for the Salesforce Online Course according to your busy schedule, we follow two training modes. One is Online Classroom mode, where the instructor teaches you different salesforce concepts like platform configuration, project management, application development, app design, and so on.

The other option available is One to One classrooms during the weekdays and weekends for the aspirants. The lab where you will do the practical work is well equipped with the latest technologies, which help the students work on real-time projects and avail certification after course completion.

Who should enroll ?

This Salesforce Online Classes is suitable for those individuals who want to learn all the salesforce concepts in-depth and want to build a career in this domain.

Salesforce is currently the most widely used CRM software, and in the global market, it holds a significant share. According to Forbes, it has a 19.5% market share. The skilled salesforce developer can earn upto $100,000 in the United States, according to Indeed.

Due to the extensive capabilities of this software like managing customers, the lifecycle of sales, and developing healthy relationships with customers, the demand for professionals has increased rapidly. Top MNC's like Sony, TCS, Standard Chartered, Cisco, Cognizant, and others hire Salesforce experts.

After successful completion of Certification, you can work as an app builder, developer, IT manager, System administrator, product manager, sales representative, salesforce professional, analyst, sales manager/executives, and project manager.

No, we never guarantee placement or job assurance. But to prepare you for an interview and boost your confidence, we, along with training, also give spoken English, personality development, and presentation classes.

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, of course, after course completion, you will enroll for an examination. If you received the required marks, then the certificate will be awarded to you.

Salesforce course in Hyderabad

During this course, you will learn different intricate concepts of Salesforce that will come in use when you work in real-time.

As a learner, you will learn the following things in the training: our primary objective of teaching you:

  • Master major fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Learn in-depth about CRM customization
  • Create custom reports in SFDC
  • Master the concepts like SOSL and SOQL
  • Understand how to Install SDFC app exchange
  • Learn about the Visualforce functioning in Salesforce
  • Learn Apex Programming Language
  • Understand about security and data model
  • Define the different options available for Process Automation
  • Master concepts of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud
  • Learn to implement and make use of different salesforce building blocks
  • Learn how to use the Dashboard and Reports

Cloud Computing

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Types of cloud
  • Examples (Companies/Products)


  • What is CRM/ERP
  • Different Segment of CRM
  • CRM Entities
  • CRM Process Flow

Salesforce Overview

  • What is salesforce?
  • About the company and their product.
  • Existing Competitors. Platform

  • Overview
  • Creating Developer Environment
  • Understand Salesforce & Organization setting
  • Licensing
  • Declarative customization Vs Programmatic customization

Administration Overview & Org Settings

  • Salesforce Organization creation
  • Understand Salesforce & Organization setting
  • Licensing

Fundamentals of Salesforce

  • Declarative customization Vs Programmatic customization
  • User Setup

Understanding Salesforce Structure

  • Application Creation
  • Object Creation
  • Scope and Benefits of external objects / ID
  • Fields Creation-Deletion & Types
  • Dependent Fields
  • Field Tracking
  • Formula Fields

Validation Rule

  • Standard Validation
  • Custom Validation

Business process with Standard Objects

  • CRM objects & Relationship Model

Sales Process

  • Service Process
  • Lead Conversion Process.
  • Sales Productivity Feature

Security Settings

  • Network Security measures & Audit
  • Organization Wide Defaults
  • Profiles
  • Record Type
  • Custom buttons
  • Custom links
  • Actions
  • List View


  • Join Reports
  • Tabular report
  • Summary Report
  • Matrix Report
  • Date Filters
  • Bucket Fields
  • Custom Report Types
  • Report Scheduling & Sharing Concepts
  • Dashboards
  • Using Dashboards
  • Folders access & Scope to Store

Data Management

  • Data Loader
  • Data Import
  • Data Export
  • Introducing to Workbench


  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master Detail Relationship
  • Rollup Summary Fields
  • Many to many Relationship
  • Hierarchical Relationship
  • Schema Builder

Salesforce Automation

  • Workflow Rules
  • Actions in Workflow
  • Time dependent Actions
  • Approval Process
  • Field updates and recursion

Salesforce Apps

  • AppExchange

Campaign Management

  • Campaigns
  • Campaign Members
  • Campaign Influence

Team Management

  • Queues
  • Public Group

Salesforce Standard Object

  • Account Teams
  • Opportunity Teams
  • Product and Price Book
  • Solution Management
  • Ideas
  • Answers
  • Knowledge
  • Activity Management
  • Content
  • Case activities
  • Case Teams
  • Case Assignment Rules
  • Escalation Rulesv

Lead activities

  • Lead Conversion
  • Web to Lead
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Lead Auto-Response Rules


  • Features of Salesforce1 Features

App Deployment

  • Milestones & Considerations in application lifecycle
  • Sandbox & Types
  • Considerations using various types of sandboxes
  • Change sets & Types
  • Types of Packages
  • Deployment & Best Practice

Salesforce getting Social

  • What is Social?
  • Features

Salesforce Mobile & Apps

  • Declarative customization in Salesforce1
  • Global and object-specific actions in Salesforce1
  • Action layouts in Salesforce1


  • CRM project(Campaign management, Lead management, Opportunity management)
  • Console Environment /Development mode.
  • What is Visualforce?
  • Visualforce Page / Components
  • What is APEX?
  • Apex triggers
  • Classes/Controllers
  • Helper Class
  • Handler Class
  • Where Apex classes can be used
  • Use of JavaScript in VF Page
  • Salesforce governor Limit
  • Best practice for Development
  • Salesforce Sites

Lightning in Salesforce

  • Declarative options for Lightning Components
  • Basics of Lightning


  • What is Integration?
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Programmatic Integration
  • Web Services
  • Creating Web Services
  • Consuming Web Services
  • REST API with Authentication
  • REST Api without Authentication
  • Assignment on Web Services (Both Consuming and Creating)
  • Authentication
  • OAuth 2.0

Project Implementation

  1. CRM project(Campaign management, Lead management, Opportunity management)
  2. Integration Project(Advance Development)
  3. AppExchange Product
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