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Power BI Certification Training Course in Hyderabad

Adiverse Tech offers an inclusive Power BI training in Hyderabad. This course illustrated Power BI Visual, Usage and Properties as per the latest versions. The course includes On-premise and Cloud Data Access, REST API, Azure Stream and R Integration including Data Modelling and ETL Techniques with Basic to Advanced Power Query (M Language), DAX Language Functions, Power BI Dashboards, Streaming Datasets, App Workspace, Content Packs, Data Gateways, Alerts, Power BI Report Server Components, Power BI Mobile Reports, Excel Integration, Excel Analysis, KPIs for Big Data Analytics, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Big Query, DataFlow and ETL in Cloud are also a part of this.

Learn all the important concepts and master this Microsoft BI Tool. Solve the business problems effectively and improve the workflow.

Enroll now and become certified.

Who should enroll into Power BI Course in Hyderabad?

The usage of Power BI depends upon your job profile. Before enrolling into the course, it’s beneficial to have a basic understanding of spreadsheet concepts and its formulas.

The following aspirants are best for this training course:

  • Those who want to understand concepts of Power BI
  • Data Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Developers
  • Administrators
  • Consumers
  • Designers
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing, Finance, Sales and other related domain professionals
  • BI, BPO and ITes Professionals who has to deal with data can also take up this course

What you will learn?

  • Get clear and concise understanding of different concepts
  • Easily design and create reports from scratch for data analysis and representation
  • Manage, share and collaborate
  • Get insight into how to use power BI for the particular task
  • Create data models and use DAX formula to establish calculations that work
  • Learn to use Q & A feature to put questions easily relevant to data and come up with new insights
  • Learn to create reports and dashboards in few clicks
  • Get more work done in less time
  • Learn to use the Azure SQL and Salesforce Data
  • Get to work on real time projects and gain hands-on experience

What are the career opportunities available?

Power BI is still the most widely used Microsoft Tool due to its distinctive features like lower cost, easy to use and high performance. Industry expects growth in the Power BI sector and thus more number of jobs will be available. Microsoft envisions making this product one of the leading business intelligence tools that every other company uses to attract more clients.

There are plenty of career options available for you once you earn Power BI certification from Adiversetech. The business intelligence market is growing at a rapid pace and expects to reach $22.8 billion in coming 2 years i.e by 2021.

You have the option to work at following job profiles:

  • Data Analyst
  • BI Engineer
  • Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Power BI Admin
  • Data Scientist
  • Power BI developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst

Mode of Training

At Adiversetech, two modes of training are available. One is online and the other is one to one. It’s entirely up to you which mode to choose. If you follow a tight schedule then the online option is best for you. In online mode, our experienced instructors teach you online directly and clear your doubts simultaneously.

In Offline Mode, one to one training is given. A single instructor teaches a single student. You can join any mode and we assure we will teach you in the best possible way.

Do you give a certification?

Yes, once you complete the Power BI Online Course, then you have to give an exam. If you got the required marks, then a certificate is awarded to you.

Do you guarantee placements?

No, we don’t, but along with Power BI Online Classes, we prepare you for the job by giving you knowledge about personality development, spoken English, and interview preparation.


Duration:5 days

Course Outline

Day 1

Session 1: Quick Start Power BI Service

1.01Get Power BI Tools0:03:45
1.02Introduction to Tools and Terminology0:04:37
1.03Dashboard in Minutes0:12:46
1.04Refreshing Power BI Service Data0:03:15
1.05Interacting with your Dashboards0:07:34
1.06Sharing Dashboards and Reports0:04:53
1.07Recap and What’s Next0:01:46

 Session 2: Getting and Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop

2.01Introduction to Power BI Desktop0:09:05
2.02Getting Data: Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service0:08:01
2.03Data Structure for Q&A0:03:59
2.04DirectQuery vs Import Data0:04:15
2.05Recap and What’s Next0:02:37

Day 2

Session 3: Modeling with Power BI

3.01Introduction to Modeling0:01:25
3.02Setup and Manage Relationships0:08:36
3.04Default Summarization & Sort by0:07:07
3.05Creating Calculated Columns0:02:43
3.06Creating Measures & Quick Measures0:14:32
3.07Recap and What’s Next0:02:22

Day 3

 Session 4: Power BI Desktop Visualisations

4.01Creating Visualisations0:06:36
4.02Color Formatting0:08:44
4.03Setting Sort Order0:04:46
4.04Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis0:05:14
4.06Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers0:12:27
4.07Cross Filtering and Highlighting0:04:27
4.08Visual, Page and Report Level Filters0:07:16
4.09Drill Down/Up0:09:33
4.11Reference/Constant Lines0:05:40
4.12Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting0:15:17
4.13KPI’s, Cards & Gauges0:11:50
4.14Map Visualizations0:07:445
4.15Custom Visuals0:04:56
4.16Managing and Arranging0:04:53
4.18Custom Report Themes0:13:22
4.19Grouping and Binning0:04:59
4.20Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons0:14:47
4.zRecap and What’s Next0:03:14

Day 4

 Session 5: Power BI Service Visualisation Tools

5.02Standalone Tiles0:07:59
5.03Data Driven Alerts0:07:51
5.04Quick and Related Insights0:05:16
5.05Custom Q&A questions0:04:59

Session 6: Publishing and Sharing

6.01Sharing Options Overview0:05:31
6.02Publish from Power BI Desktop0:05:25
6.03Publish to Web0:07:34
6.04Share Dashboard with Power BI Service0:10:38
6.05Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro)0:13:53
6.06Content Packs (Power BI Pro)0:08:19
6.07Print or Save as PDF0:03:03
6.08Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)0:11:49
6.09Export Data from a Visualization0:05:19
6.10Publishing for Mobile Apps0:03:17
6.11Export to PowerPoint0:03:34
6.zSharing Options Summary0:02:31

Day 5

 Session 7: Refreshing Datasets

7.01Understanding Data Refresh0:04:55
7.02Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows)0:10:23
7.03Replacing a Dataset0:04:18
7.04Troubleshooting Refreshing0:02:54

 Session 8: Power BI and Excel Together

8.01Options for Publishing from Excel0:04:19
8.02Pin Excel Elements to Power BI0:04:57
8.03Connect to Data using Power BI Publisher/Analyze in Excel0:07:54
8.04Excel 2016 Publish: Upload and Export to Power BI0:08:17
8.05Sharing Published Excel Dashboards0:08:59


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