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AWS Online Training Course in Hyderabad For beginners


Cloud is the future and organisations are shifting their businesses to it due to the benefits it offers. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services developed by Amazon that help you develop and validate your skills and get most out of this technology.

Adiversetech offers a comprehensive AWS Training in Hyderabad. Their certification course focuses upon enabling you to effectively design, create, plan and utilize AWS technology.

The course content aligns with the latest concepts of SAA-C01 and you will learn different aspects of AWS. At the end you will be able to find and deploy the suitable AWS service for your business on the basis of storage, databases, network, cost optimisation, security implementation, compute and goals.

Mode of Study

To adjust according to your busy schedule, flexible timings are available. From online study room to one to one lecture room mode is available. AWS Course in Hyderabad is given throughout weekdays and weekends to the aspirants.

Our high end lab is developed keeping in view the modern day technologies that let you work on hands-on projects.

AWS course in Hyderabad

Adiversetech is recognised among the top training institutes in Hyderabad rendering courses related to python, data science, AWS etc. Their training modules and expert instructors focus on every type of student whether a novice, intermediate or pro.

This pocket friendly course is all you need to escalate your knowledge and implement it where required. </p.

Following aspirants can take up the course:

  • Solution Architects
  • Programmers who work on Saas, IaaS and PaaS applications
  • Those responsible for shifting data from the current data centres to AWS platform
  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Graduates
  • Professionals
  • Others who want to improve their cloud computing skills and become an expert

Our training environment is favourable for learning. We provide you value for money and all the courses are available at affordable rates compared to others. Our pricing structure also enables the college students to enrol into the course.

Our training program is designed to help you crack the exam and win a certification in the first shot. We strive to bestow you with the necessary skills required to proceed in your career.

  • Along with the AWS training in Hyderabad, we also provide personality development, spoken english, interview preparation and presentation classes so that don't lag anywhere. The placement crew schedules recruitment drives in which the top companies pick the competent students
  • Our high end present day labs let the students have an intensive hands on experience and get to work on various projects
  • This training improves your efficiency and boosts confidence to easily adapt and work in the real life environment
  • The syllabus that we cover includes Amazon cloud, Managing the EC2 infrastructure, Achieving Agility with EC2, Implementing durable and reliable storage, Provisioning resources, Storing records and so on. This entire knowledge helps you while recruitment
  • You get a lifetime access to the course content to open, read and revise the concepts anytime
  • Build a successful career.

Once you become an expert after enrolling into our course various career opportunities open up. You will get a high package if you are competent enough.

AWS is an interesting stream and when you put efforts in the right direction with the help of Adiversetech then you can reap various benefits. Our expert trainers focus and put 100% efforts in making you an expert from novice.

After your training completes, we also offer a job assistance program and prepare you for an interview while learning. We don't promise job guarantee as it depends upon your skills but we can teach you everything required to land your dream job.

Moreover, learning AWS lets you develop critical programs and build the statistics. The Aviation, Digital System, IT, BPM, Chemicals, Defense, Corporate etc every type of industry is hiring AWS experts who are capable of shifting their business to cloud and effectively managing it.

The average salary package is offered between 6.2 to 7.3 lakhs. The pay also depends upon the sector you are working in, job profile, position, location and challenges you come across. The industries nowadays welcome freshers also and offer nice packages to start with. This course is a great way to begin your career, escalate knowledge and become an expert in your field. If the job doesn't suit you then you are free to work as a freelancer also.

During the training, you will learn following aspects related to AWS:

  • Learn how to effectively implement the concepts learnt by you and understand how it works, their features, working in real time and restrictions
  • Access the AWS Services and make use of it to solve the problems occuring in real time scenario
  • Become familiar with how you can make use of AWS for any type of business and make it prove beneficial for them
  • Learn use and deployment of Amazon AWS Services in IT domain without relentlessly spending money on data centres and servers
  • Make use of AWS concepts that you learn for cost reduction and better use of available resources
  • Learn about Elastic Load Balancing on different EC2 instances
  • Find the most suitable and relevant use of AWS architecture
  • Make use of and shift use of AWS on on premises architecture
  • Determine how to effectively use the right components, database and other security needs
AWS course in Hyderabad

Introduction to AWS

Learn about AWS cloud solution, products, and general information on cloud computing.

Featured Services:-

  • Analytics
  • Application integrations
  • Ar&Vr
  • Aws cost management
  • Block chain
  • Business application
  • Compute
  • Customer engagement
  • Data base
  • Developer tools
  • End user computing
  • Internet of things
  • Machine learning
  • Management and governance
  • Media services
  • Migration and transfer
  • Mobile
  • Networking and content delivery
  • Quantum technologies
  • Robotics
  • Satellite
  • Security, identity, & compliance
  • storage
  • Amazon EC2
  • Storage Services and AWS CLI
  • Virtual Private Cloud & Direct Connect
  • Database Services
  • Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling
  • Route 53 & Management Tools
  • Application Services, AWS Lambda & Elastic Beanstalk
  • OpsWorks, Security & Identity Services
  • Project Discussion & Mock Test
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